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Medpods opened the North Lakes medical centre in June 2018. Since then we have grown substantially and had the privilege of meeting many local families in the Moreton Bay region. We have been honoured to provide full service general practice care for you and your family.

As you would be aware, there has been an extended Medicare payment freeze placed on GP’s over the past 4 years. This has meant that, while all expenses for the clinic continue to rise, the rebate received from Medicare when bulk billing remained the same. Although this freeze was finally lifted this year, it has had an effect on many general practices around the country.

Providing bulk billed consultations allows us to make health care as accessible to all families as we can. However, the practice must incur all costs for additional items such as dressings and other materials, staffing and all associated costs.

To allow us to continue providing the highest quality care available to all new and existing patients, we are introducing our Medpods Membership Fee of $50 plus GST i.e. $55.00 per year.

Effective the 1st of October we will be introducing the membership for all patients, both existing and new. This fee will ensure you are entitled to continued bulk billed appointments for the following 12 months.

Whilst we would encourage you to consider this membership option, we understand that this may not suit everyone. You will have the option to opt out of this membership opportunity and instead elect to pay consultation fees on a per-attendance basis throughout the year. Our standard consultation fee is $70 and this would be payable at each consultation for the following 12 months. Private fees are payable for patients who are not on a pension card or under the age of 16.

Please note that we will continue to bulk bill all patients with a Pension Card and for children under 16 years of age. These patients will not incur either a membership fee or private consultation fee.

When you next visit the centre, our friendly receptionists and nurses will assist with explaining how this payment can be made.

Again, this excludes pension card holders or children under 16. Those patients will continue to be bulk billed.
We appreciate your feedback during this time and look forward to continuing to support our patients.

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