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Required by some insurance companies and superannuation funds, insurance medicals are a full medical examination conducted before granting income protection, certain insurance policies, health or life insurance.

The process involved in a medical examination with your doctor will vary depending on what information the insurance company requires.

Without proper documentation from a qualified doctor, some claims may be denied.

A routine examination for an insurance medical will usually consist of two parts, the first being a verbal questionnaire and secondly the collection of physical information and samples.

The series of questions asked by your GP will most likely seek your medical history, your family’s medical history, and lifestyle habits. Lifestyle habits can include whether you drink, smoke or use recreational drugs, as well as how much exercise you do.

Within the physical part of the examination you may have height and weight measured, as well as your blood pressure and pulse. A sample of blood and urine may also be required. The blood sample can be used to check things such as glucose, cholesterol, protein, and HIV. The urine sample may be used to check kidney function and for diabetes.

All insurance medicals can be tailored and based upon the requirements of an insurance company. Our doctors are happy to carry out superannuation fund and/or insurance provider-required medicals.

Simply notify reception when calling to make an appointment as longer consultation times may be required.

Please ensure that all relevant superannuation fund and/or insurance paperwork are brought to the appointment. Information gathered in your consultation will then be forwarded to those that have requested the assessment.

To make a booking please visit our appointments page or contact our friendly reception staff at North Lakes Medical Centre on 1300 250 815.

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